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Dieu Hien:  I was born and grew up in a poor countryside area in the Southern delta. As you knew, my home town is Can Tho; yet our country was so poor that my mother was suffering terribly; hence I certainly inherited from my mother a will and commitment to overcome difficulty to advance; I also inherited her good virtue, not fortune of which she had none to leave to me; her aspiration was trying to afford me an education to enable my current achievement. Actually I was very successful in real estate investment, but I have always dreamed of a manufacturing plant to generate jobs for many poor workers so that they may have a stable and sustaining life. Instead of engaging in external philanthropy, I rather do it in my own company; so annually we build many houses for my workers so that they may live better in line with our ancestors’ adage: “stable living and then successful career”; I personally think that a house is very precious to poor people. I engage in philanthropic activities such as: construction of bridge, road, or sponsoring orphans, but the most important as well as my favorite thing is to build many house for poor workers because once they own their houses, they feel secure and then devote to work hard for their own family and happiness with the constant thought that there’s someone thinking of them and supporting them with a house; that’s real happiness.

A male worker:  I really appreciate Ms Dieu Hien because of her integrity; she compensates her workers with decent pays which is OK

Another male worker: I’m from Ca Mau Province. I was told by my family of Ms Dieu Hien’s company, so I left Camau to join it 2 years ago; I now perceive my life to be very stable

A female worker:  Generally speaking, all of us here are impressed with and respect our company’s director. She always care for and pay attention to all employees; we greatly admire her, and we’re looking forward to a life-long association with Binh An Company

Dieu Hien:  Thanks to my global travel, I came to a belief that this Doctor (therapeutic) Fish is very good to health. During my trip to Turkey, I started having a desire to grow this fish to serve my workers’ health at BiAnFishCo. When I was in Singapore, realizing that that Singapore can grow this fish, I think that Vietnam can do it also, and I decided to invest into this kind of massage (therapeutic) fish family

Dieu Hien:  Prior to penetrating US market, we had made entry to discriminating European one, and we implemented the previously-mentioned 6 quality objectives. So before entering US market, we already had in place the 6 quality criteria that are observed internationally and in USA in particular such as HSAC, ISO, ICC, BNC, or HI 8000, the rigid criteria required internationally and in USA. Our company satisfied all applicable certifications and criteria in order to export products to US market; besides, it’s our conviction that when we do business as a conscientious and responsible member of a community, we put quality above all; hence our company’s motto is “Yes we can! We do quality”, we therefore produce the best quality.

Dieu Hien:  And our orientation is implementation of 6 quality objectives. First is quality for life; second is quality for fish-growing area; third is quality for business plant; fourth is quality for products; fifth is quality for service; and sixth is quality for you. We have been successful in terms of fish-growing area, seafood processing plant, etc., and on the entire European market; we were awarded 6 golden cups for the above 6 criteria; and now we’re proceeding our entry into US market, and we’re also orienting toward quality, bringing Binh An Fish Company (BIANFISHCO)’s quality along with its best products to US market.

Dieu Hien:  I’m deeply grateful for Madame Mayor’s enthusiasm toward BIANFISHCO. And my commitment is that when we’re successful here, I’ll play my part in better effecting  my local employment; producing better quality products;  striving to be more successful  to avoid disappointing Madame Mayor who’s warmly welcoming us and nice to us. One more thing I would like to let everyone in Beverly Hills know: Vietnamese have companies that are really big, of substantial sizes that can go hand in hand with units and conglomerations in US. 


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